Student Testimonials

  • "The college process was unlike anything that I had ever approached. The uncertainty, the pressure, the daunting number of application components – it was all incredibly strenuous, but Marcia’s experience and positive demeanor made all the difference in my success. We worked extensively on crafting my application essays from scratch, talking through my interests and passions to determine how I could best represent myself to colleges. Marcia helped me fine-tune my essays and take pride in my applications."

  • "I am now completing my first year at college and I couldn’t have chosen a better school for myself and I most definitely couldn’t have done it without all of Marcia’s help. Working with her made the process feel easy; she is caring, patient, and unbelievably meticulous. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

  • "Thank you so much for everything. I have really enjoyed the entire process with you. You somehow made the daunting, scary, overwhelming college process fun and easily manageable! Thank you for all you have done!"

Parent testimonials

  • "We were delighted when Marcia Moor agreed to help with our search. Marcia guided us every step of the way. She met regularly with our son and developed a keen understanding of his learning style and preferences."

  • "With her knowledge of a vast number of schools, she helped us identify programs which would best serve our child and our family values."

  • "Marcia is a joy to work with! She has helped us navigate the entire college process from the start of junior year. She has completely taken the stress away by truly taking the time to understand my daughter's personality and needs."

  • "College replies came out; we got here because of Marcia and we can’t thank her enough. Marcia is so dedicated to her work, and continues to show an unwavering interest and dedication to help our son on his journey."

  • "Marcia was instrumental in the success of our daughter’s college application process last year. She really took the time to get to know her, and was therefore able to identify a school that was the perfect fit — culturally and academically. As parents, Marcia also guided us through the entire process so we never felt overwhelmed — and more importantly — neither did our daughter. I highly recommend!"